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Name Items
*SillyHearts* Dragon Orb x1
BabyDabbleMLP (Lvl1)

Jewelry Kit x1 (silver),
Garland Kit x1

faeoori Dragon Nugget x1, Gift Certificate x1
Kagari Dragon Orb x1
Kahlira Garland Kit x1- (0014/ Lisha )
Scabbard x1- (0026/ Kulath )
Kitty13(Lvl3) Dragon Nugget x1, Eternal Flame Lantern x2, Dragon Orb x2,
Miriade Dragon Orb x1
Moonlily Wolf Claw x1
Niki(Lvl1) Phoenix feather x1, Eternal Lantern x1,

ArmorKit x3 (Gold, Silver, Black), Gift certificate x1

rekyrem (Lvl1) Phoenix Feather x1,
Ryuukokoro (Lvl1) 1x Riding Harness, Dragon Nugget x1, Freshwater Pearl x1, Armor kit x1, Jewelry Kit x1,
Saiki (Lvl1) Phoenix Feather x1
Silent-Moon(Lvl3) Dragon Nugget x1, Teleorb x1, Eternal Flame Lantern x1, Jewelry Kit x1,
Sunchaser109 Wolf Claw x1,
Sweet~Intoxikation (Lvl1) -
TheLeet Phoenix Feather x1
PookaWitch Dragon Orbx1
whisperia (Lvl 1) Armor Kit x2, Jewelry kit x1,